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Cape Preparation to allow for the best mount possible

Failing to care for your trophy as soon as it is harvested could cause you to not be able to mount your trophy.


How should I cape my animal?

1. First clean and blood, fluid, and dirt from the outside of the animals coat. (Hang in cooler if possible, this aids in the skinning process.)

2. Keep the cape long, there are excellent taxidermy mounts that require a lot of hide to mount properly. It is recommended that you keep the skin from the back of the rib cage forward. Form a "Y" cut hiding the incisions in the rear underarm trying not to damage the skin in the brisket area. Do not holes in the skin if at all possible

3. Cape the deer to the back of the skull, remove the head 2-3 vertebra down from the base of the skull. It is critical to keep at lease 2 attached to properly size the taxidermy mount.

4. Lightly salt the skin on the flesh side if it will be more than 48 hours until the deer is dropped off at the taxidermist.

5. Fold the skin together, Flesh side to flesh side, and roll or fold the skin upwards towards the skull.

6. Allow the head and hide to cool completely before sealing in a plastic bag. Place the skull and cape in an unsealed garbage bag and place in a cooler until cool. Once the trophy is cooled seal the trophy in 2-3 plastic bags and place in a cooler or on ice. IT IS CRITICAL TO KEEP THE HIDE FROM RESTING IN A POOL OF WATER. Dry and cold is what you are looking for.

7. Maintain your hunting tags on the animal per laws and regulations of your state.A wildlife resource document will be filled out by you and the taxidermist upon transfer of the animal.


What should I not do to my trophy?

  • Do not let 


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